As a child I was always fascinated by images I found everywhere; each stain on the wall would turn into a different picture, a different story.

Art is my vessel; a way to connect with my inner self to find my message to share and engage with the receiver.

These manifestations take shape in many ways, flowing as an emotional energy process but moving forward as a form of balance and rhythm, even sometimes poetry.

My artistry is a practice that gives me a meditative experience and healing through creativity.

Humanity as a collective entity has always been present in my paintings. Archaic or contemporary figures emerging through colors, textures, and symbols in their own spaces and climates. 

I welcome you to browse through mixed media and monoprint pieces you'll find on this site. Mixed Media includes oil, acrylic, pastels, ink, and collages; monoprints are all series of one. 




— Revealed Entities, 2017
Monoprint, 30 x 22