My work has been always the result of a spontaneous process that puts me in touch with my inner self.

A purely expressive start from automatism, a spontaneous process through various mediums, experimenting with papers, textiles, boards, linoleum, founded materials, etc.

Making art has been an investigative journey into discovery of my surroundings and my inner self. A meditative experience where emotion and energy flow and serve the creative process.

Painting, printmaking, sculptures, collages, all are the results of search and continuous experimentation.

As a Social Psychologist, my artwork explores the subject in its environment, as part of a collective entity. Human figures are revealed in different climates and contexts, which appear through colors, lines and textures.

These different disciplines reach me as I prepare to open up to new ways to feel connected. This ever-evolving art-making transforms my artwork into an endless possibility, which is Creation itself.




— Revealed Entities, 2017
Monoprint, 30 x 22