Patricia Bertisch

Patricia Bertisch was born in Argentina. While growing up, the school of Fine Arts was her second home, where she studied sculpture, painting and drawing. 

Her education is in Apparel Design, Furniture Restoration, Stage Techniques, Polychrome and Faux Finishes. Her passionate mentors included Aldo Severi, Silvia Brewda, Monica Cortes, Manuel Cesio, Alex Mathew (disciple of Dick Smith) and Fernanda Rovarella (decorator, Sherwin Williams Argentina). 

Alongside her artistic career, she pursued studies in Social Psychology, where she worked in several private and public schools in Argentina, developing various workshops about Expression, Art and Creativity. 

She continues her work in USA participating in exhibitions, art shows and community events. She also developed an all-ages art program to bridge psychology and visual arts.

“Everyone can reach self-expression through the Art practice.” 

Lately, she has designed “Art on Walls ” projects and painted on several surfaces such as walls and ceilings. She is an artist in residence at L Mercado Studios in Hollywood, Florida and has been commissioned to compose artworks at numerous commercial spaces in Miami.